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Release time:2020-06-11 15:25:45 Viwes:1008

In the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the economy. Most companies around the world are facing suspension of work and production, blocked purchase and sales channels, and continued increase in air freight costs. The resumption of construction in February ushered in a large area of corporate wage cuts and cuts. During the period, the security system industry was relatively less affected by the epidemic. After the "enterprise winter" from February to April, orders began to rise steadily in May. This shows that the security system industry is still in the early stage of high growth and is expected to develop vigorously in the future.

In the economic winter, our company expanded the scale of development and focused on the research and development of intelligent access control systems. Based on traditional technology, we focused on core technology innovation, aiming to create high-quality and high-performance products to provide users with a full range of Access control solutions and operational services.

At present, after months of hard work by our R&D team, our R&D projects have achieved fruitful results, and innovative products are about to enter the market. This will further enhance our core competitiveness and continue to work hard in the fierce market competition to make products and services better The value is maximized.