About HOBK

HOBK is an enterprise dedicated to providing users with smart security and Smart Home solutions. Based on a brand-new R&D design concept, we break the traditional access control industry pattern, connect products intelligently to form a complete system, and work collaboratively, so that users can monitor, manage and control all products on the same platform. Customize your own personalized smart life for global users, and strive to unleash unlimited possibilities in this open and innovative ecosystem.

In the era of fast-developing mobile Internet, we will continue to pursue the in-depth development of technology strategy, with innovation as the core, develop new products through technological changes, provide high-performance system solutions for the global market, continuously optimize company operations, and shorten production cycles, so as to improve product quality, product delivery and the overall production efficiency of products, and respond to customer needs with better services. In the future, we are committed to becoming a global leader in security and Smart Home.



Our Advantages


Innovative Entrepreneurial Spirit

Professional R&D team, constantly insisting on innovation


Advanced Production Technology

Advanced production equipment to create quality products


Professional Customer Service

Professional, caring and fast customer service throughout the process


High Sense Of Social Responsibility

Have the courage to assume social responsibilities and promote social harmony


Embedded Hardware Engineer

  • Job requirements:
  • 1. Have relevant hardware development and design and PCB design/hardware debugging experience;
  • 2. Possess basic knowledge of analog circuits and radio frequency electronic circuits and circuit analysis skills;

Embedded Software Engineer

  • Job requirements:
  • 1. Familiar with programming languages ​​such as C/C++, and have strong debugging and problem-solving skills;
  • 2. Familiar with MCU development; have a deeper understanding of the construction and application development of MCU peripheral circuits;

Java Development Engineer

  • Job requirements
  • 1. Computer-related major, solid Java foundation; proficient in J2EE system, familiar with Spring Cloud microservice architecture;
  • 2. Proficiency in Spring, iBatis/MyBatis, Dubbo; proficient in database, proficient in project version management