• + Q: Does the operating software support the iOS system of MAC?
  • Answer: iOS system is not supported; only all WINDOW systems are supported.

  • + Q: Why can't the software find the control board?
  • Answer: Please check the cause of the failure as follows

    a. Please use the latest software version and check if the network cable is loose.

  • + Q: Why the card number read by the software is different from the one printed on the card?
  • Answer: Because this product only supports Wiegand 26, and it only reads the last 8 digits of the card number, but some cards only print the first 10 digits of the card number.

  • + Q: Where to download WGACCESS Software?
  • Answer: Please download from this website: http://www.wiegand.com.cn/zip12/soft/WEBConfig_en.rar