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Agglomerating Mental Efforts & Exciting Youth

Release time:2020-12-17 17:10:45 Viwes:336

2020 is a challenging year. Together we have witnessed the rapid growth of the company and welcomed many new colleagues. We met, knew and supported each other, and united as one at HOBK. Our company specially organized and arranged this event in order to relieve the work pressure of all colleagues and create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and happiness.

This activity aims to enrich employees' spare time, further strengthen team cohesion, and enhance the unity and cooperation ability between teams. From December 10th to 13th, our company carried out a team building tour of " Agglomerating Mental Efforts and Exciting Youth ".

We arrived in Yangshuo, Guilin,
having the 2020 annual meeting.
The leaders’ passionate and emotional speech
made us excited;
The narration of our company looking forward to the future
is fascinating and full of fighting spirit!
For the company's fifth anniversary,
we are just young people who dare to venture and fight!
In the next five years,
we will still be enthusiastic !
Feeling the wonders of nature,
and feeling the peculiar natural wonders.
The show “The Romance of Guilin”
brings a visual impact and a shock to the soul,
which makes people love the beauty of Guilin's landscape,
cruise in the stormy waves of the Lingqu flood
and feel the shock of blood and tears, love and affection.

After thousands of years,
the big banyan tree has formed a spectacle
that a single tree becomes a forest
and shades the sky and the sun;
On the contrary,
it is " many hands make light work"
for the company.
The drum sounded at the foot of Moon Mountain,
and the water column climbed with the sound of the drum,
like growth steps,
solid and firm.
The bamboo raft goes all the way along the water,
bathing in the warm sunshine;
Propagating in the air and singing folk songs;
at the same time,
enjoying the scenery on both sides of the strait
and the time of slowing down.
The landscape of Guilin is the best in the world,
and the landscape of Yangshuo is the best in Guilin.
With smog,
it can be called a fairyland on earth.
We truly experienced the beauty
of "people walking in the painting".

The four-day journey of "Agglomerating Mental Efforts & Exciting Youth" ended successfully!

A journey can enhance our understanding, deepen the friendship of employees, and improve the cohesion of the team, making us fully appreciate the richness of corporate culture and the sense of belonging to the company. What we need is not only the familiarity in life, but also the unity and cooperation at work. We are a young team with enthusiasm and passion that belong to us. We sweat and smile when we relax, and we are dedicated to achieving our goals at work. Let us build the future and create miracles that belong to us together.