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New Product Information: HBK-RW02W Released

Release time:2021-03-25 18:05:10 Views:210

As an enterprise that provides users with smart security and smart home solutions, we are committed to bringing users a brand new and humanized product experience from the perspective of users.

It has been half a year since the last product HBK-R01 came out. During this time, we listened to the needs and suggestions of customers and developed this access control remote control specially designed for waterproof: HBK-RW02W.

HBK-RW02W is a product born in response to customer needs. From design, to research and development, to testing, and even mold opening, we checked every level to create a high-quality humanized product. After many times of testing, debugging, and inspection, we officially launch this product to the market. In this new product launch conference, HOBK will bring its HBK-R01 to a stunning appearance, focusing on the remote control controller and transmitter series products.

The HBK-RW02W remote control has an exquisite and beautiful design and a simple pairing method, which can meet the needs of different customers. It has the advantages of good stability and strong anti-interference ability. The transmission distance is up to 50 meters. It can effectively reject all kinds of interference caused by external clutter.

In addition, the biggest highlight of this product is the added waterproof function, which can effectively isolate water from the outside of the product to protect the internal components and configuration of the product. Therefore, the product can be installed outdoors, which solves the customer's worries about burning outdoor access control products in rainy days. In addition, the product also has a built-in buzzer, so there is no need to connect an external buzzer, which simplifies installation and facilitates use.

Same as the last product HBK-R01 of same series, this product can also be connected with electric locks, access control keypad, exit switches. It has the advantages of powerful functions, novel design and simple operation. Besides, it has a delay function, and customers can adjust the delay time according to their own needs. The built-in protection diode will protect the relay, electric lock and buzzer in real time, effectively prolonging the service life of the product.

Technological innovation has always been our core goal. With the development of the times, HOBK Smart Access Control will continue to optimize and iterate the products in the footsteps of the times, moving from a simple state to a high-level comprehensive scheduling and intelligent decision-making direction, and provide customers with higher-end and quality Security products.