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HOBK's first product launch conference was successfully held

Release time:2020-09-12 15:00:00 Views:120

On September 12, HOBK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held the first new product launch conference. After 4 months’ efforts of the R&D department, the first product successfully passed various tests. From product development to new product launch, HOBK handed over a perfect transcript.

As an enterprise that provides users with smart security and Smart Home solutions, HOBK has transformed from a trade to a high-tech enterprise, committed to conquering the core technology of the security industry, and from the user's point of view, bringing users a new experience.

In this new product launch conference, HOBK will bring its HBK-01 to a stunning appearance, focusing on the remote control controller and transmitter series products.

Compared with the old products on the market, the series of remote control controllers and transmitters are more high-end and intelligent. They have the advantages of high reliability, high stability, high safety, and high adaptability. A large number of imported components are used in the internal constrution. We strictly control the quality of our products from the source. Among them, ST main control chip, SYN500R radio frequency receiver chip and SPX1117 linear step-down power supply chip have powerful information processing capabilities and wide coverage, which are more in line with the actual needs of users.

The new product HBK-01 realizes many functions such as indoor and outdoor remote control. It not only has the traditional security function, but also has the information interaction function of network communication and equipment automation. It can provide customized solution services according to the customer's application requirements, and fully and efficiently meet client needs.

With the development of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other information technologies, the level of informatization has gradually improved, and smart security and smart homes continue to develop in the direction of networking, digitization, and personalization. In 2020, HOBK will follow the trend of the industry, increasing product layout optimization and iterative upgrades, playing a new chapter of its own in the Internet era.

For HOBK, innovative technology has always been our core competitiveness. In the future, HOBK will continue to increase R&D investment, innovate system construction, focus on technological innovation, and provide customers with high-quality smart security and Smart Home solutions.