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The carnival of AI security: discover new stories and expose old worries

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Security is an area where AI has been implemented earlier, but the early AI security is mainly for the B-end and G-end markets, so consumers are relatively unfamiliar. With the rapid development of AI technology, AI security products such as AI temperature measurement, AI cameras, patrol robots, etc. emerge in an endless stream, and consumers have deepened their impression and understanding of AI security.

Especially in the epidemic period, demand for public health safety protection has surged, and the rapid implementation of AI temperature measurement equipment has been accelerated. From the research and development of AI temperature measurement equipment to the put into practice, we can see the increasing demand for public health facilities and the mature application of new technologies, bringing new opportunities to the security industry, and the AI security blue ocean is broader.

AI temperature measurement is popular.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, body temperature became one of the conditions to judge whether the virus was infected, as a result, the temperature measurement products were out of stock. In the reality of the network, there are frequent jokes about temperature measurement. Some people denounce the bad businessmen for making money and speculating the price of the temperature measuring gun to the sky. Othere believe that the electronic temperature measurement has great hidden danger and should be eliminated. AI temperature measuring equipment with remote, non-Contact and multi person temperature measurement should be adopted.

From the perspective of the development of the Internet, user needs have always been the core driving force for the development and implementation of technology. Similarly, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic made major Internet companies, artificial intelligence companies, and AI security manufacturers intensively develop AI temperature measurement products.s

AI security-related companies such as Baidu, Megvii, SenseTime, and Geling Shentong early began designing AI temperature measurement research and development programs during the Spring Festival holiday, and the entire team worked overtime to go online and offline in less than a month AI temperature measurement system.

According to public data on the Internet, Baidu, Shangtang, Megvii, Geling Shentong, and AutoNavi, Hikvision, Dahua, Univision and other companies had all launched AI infrared temperature measurement products. And it has been deployed in hundreds of places to help complete the preliminary screening of 7 million people across the country, and the number of people covered by AI temperature measurement will be even more if the epidemic is not over a day.

The rapid development, rapid testing, and rapid application of AI temperature measurement equipment have confirmed that the AI ​​security industry chain has been relatively complete, and it is only awaiting widespread promotion and application.

More importantly, AI temperature measurement equipment is a key link in epidemic prevention during the resumption of work and production.

Traditional temperature measurement with temperature gun not only requires a large number of staff to stay and spend a lot of manpower, but also needs close Contact between people, which may bring about the risk of cross infection. The emergence of AI temperature measurement has solved the problems of rapid temperature detection of multiple people, reducing the workload of relevant personnel, avoiding Contact between people and so on, which seems to be a just need of the current market.

In short, in the epidemic situation, AI temperature measurement has torn the veil of AI security, and the security enterprise team also walked from behind the scenes to the front desk to meet more scene challenges and user inspections.

AI security "blue ocean" is infinite

AI temperature measurement is only a small part of the AI ​​security market. AI has more landing scenarios in the security market, such as AI cameras, AI door locks, AI alarm systems, and so on. And like other traditional industries, behind the intelligent and data-based changes in security are not only the development of the times, but also the result of the joint promotion of policies, users, and technology.

As a result, favorable policies provide a good development environment and direction for AI security. Security is the key to ensuring the normal operation of society and people live and work in peace. Therefore, the "13th Five-Year" plan and the report of the 19th CPC National Congress have all proposed the goal of strengthening the intelligence of security video surveillance, and "Smart City", "Snow Bright Project" and "Safety" The construction of strategies such as "city" also brings new opportunities for the development of the security industry.

Secondly, the market security needs of transportation, buildings, public security, homes, etc. are extensive, which has expanded the coverage of AI security.

With the rapid economic development and the continuous expansion of the urban population, basic urban security scenarios such as transportation, homes, and buildings are in urgent need of "removing the old and welcoming the new" to meet the growing security needs of the people's market. The introduction of new user needs also provides a more favorable market promotion environment for the implementation of AI in the security industry.

Third, the development of big data, cloud computing, biometric identification, AI and other technologies in the security industry is booming.

In the past, traditional security equipment accumulated a large number of images and videos, which provided the basis for AI security application testing, further promoted the integration of AI and security, and built a visual, networked, and intelligent security management system. With the in-depth application of AI technology in the security field, the market size of the security industry will be further opened up and the expansion of AI security products will be accelerated.

As a result, the vast blue ocean of the market attracts capital from all directions, the competition in the AI ​​security market has intensified, and the Matthew effect has gradually emerged.

Capital's attitude and battle situation

The security industry has always been regarded as the industry where AI technology is best implemented, new and old security manufacturers know a lot. However, in the context of the rapid integration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things into the security industry, companies need to have sufficient funds to support technology research and development, talent introduction, and product iteration.

In the early days, the high threshold of technology and capital eliminated a number of small and medium-sized start-up AI security companies, but now all manufacturers with their own advantages are left.

Internet public data, in 2019, Green Deep Eye received a strategic investment from Hyundai Mobis; Minglue Data completed a 2 billion round D financing and upgraded to Minglue Technology Group; "Vision Technology" won 45 million yuan A+ round of Ginkgo Valley Capital Financing; Hansi Technology completed the C round of financing and was strategically invested by 360 Group; Ruiwei obtained strategic investment from Greenland Group; SenseTime reached a strategic cooperation with Abu Dhabi Investment Authority...

In addition, according to CPS Zhongan.com's incomplete statistics, in 2019, China will have five business areas involving security companies including DPtech, Fuguang, Ruichuang Micronano, Yutong Optics, and Ruiming Technology have been listed through IPOs. Among them, Fuguang Co., Ltd. and Rui Chuang Wei Na became the first batch of listed companies in science and technology innovation.

In the context of uncertainty and instability in the global economy and trade, whether it is the number of financing or the trend of queuing for listing in the AI ​​security field, shows that the capital want to deeply cultivate in AI security field.

In addition, established security giants such as Dahua and Haikang have first-mover advantages and accumulated years of experience, while Internet giants such as Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, and Huawei use technology to cut in, and AI companies such as Megvii Technology and SenseTime are eager to try. In the AI ​​security market where experts are entrenched, there is bound to be a situation of "multiple tigers competing". When the narrow road meets and the brave wins, the market will usher in a new round of reshuffle.

On the whole, as AI technology matures, intelligence and digitization have become the new development direction of the security industry, and the intention of capitalists to deepen AI security is also very obvious, and the AI ​​upgrade war in the security field is inevitable.

AI security has a long way to go

In fact, AI security is not a good bone. Dahua, Haikang and Yushi and Shangtang have been digging deep in the past, and the AI ​​market still has not reached the level of inclusiveness.

At the user level, due to misunderstandings, users always feel that AI security products are not smart enough, and concerns about data privacy will not go away.

In people's impression, AI products should be able to communicate with people normally and do everything, and the expectations for AI security products are too high. This also leads to a gap between expectations and actual effects in the actual experience of users, and the experience is not good. In addition, in the era of rampant cyber fraud, users pay more attention to data privacy, and the data protection technology requirements of AI security vendors have become stricter.

At the enterprise level, AI security faces multiple difficulties such as technological integration, massive product upgrades, and AI talent training.

With the improvement and popularization of AI technology, every stage of AI is facing problems such as technology integration and product upgrades. In the process of technology integration and product upgrades, there will be new problems that need to be researched and resolved. This is also the reason why AI security vendors are expensive to develop.

In addition, it is often the top experts and scholars that promote the development of science and technology. Therefore, the collection and training of AI talents represents the technical level of manufacturers to a certain extent. In the AI ​​security market, the supply of AI talents exceeds demand. The training of AI talents is related to the future development of enterprises. According to a report released by the LinkedIn platform, my country's artificial intelligence talent gap has exceeded 5 million.

In any case, the integration of AI and security is the general trend, and the friction between major manufacturers will continue. New stories and old hidden diseases are being paid attention...


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