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What is an access control system? The safest access control

Release time:2020-06-20 17:16:40 Viwes:366

Access control, also known as access management control system. Channel management system. It is a digital intelligent management system for managers to enter and exit

The original concept of access control system was in our daily lives. For example, every household has door and lock, and every person in our own family are equipped with keys. When the family members come back, they don't need to knock at the door and directly use the key to open the door and enter. You heard the sound of knocking on the door and knew someone was visiting, and asked: "Who is it?" The people outside answered: "I am ***!" The people inside judged by voice and past experience judge whether you should open the door. This is an original concept of access control. The Great Wall of China is the largest primitive access control system in ancient China.

With the deepening of social electronic intelligence, the access control system we see now can be divided into password access control system, card access control system and biometric access control system according to different input devices, media and methods

password access control system, card access control system and biometric access control system

Password access control system: By entering the password, the system will drive the electric lock to open the door and let it go when the system determines that the password is correct. Advantages: only need to remember the password, no need to carry other media. The lowest cost. Disadvantages: The speed is slow. It usually takes several seconds to enter the password. If there are too many people entering and exiting, you need to queue. If you make a mistake, you need to re-enter it, which takes longer. The security is poor. People next to you can easily remember other people's passwords through gestures, and the passwords are easy to forget or leak. Trend: There are fewer and fewer occasions for password access control, and it is only used in occasions with low security requirements, low cost, and infrequent use. For example: safe.

Swipe card access control system: According to the type of card, it is divided into Contact card access control system (magnetic stripe card barcode card) and non-Contact card (also called proximity card or radio frequency card) access control system. Contact card access control system due to Contact, the card is easy to wear, the number of uses is not many, the card is easy to be damaged, etc., the scope of use has become less and less, and it is only used in occasions related to bank cards (magnetic stripe cards), such as : Bank VIP channel access control system, unattended ATM access control system and other local industry fields are still in use. Non-Contact IC card, due to its durability, good cost performance, fast reading speed, high security and other advantages is the mainstream of the current access control system. Therefore, many people refer to the non-Contact IC card access control system as the access control system for short.

Biometric access control system: An access control system that recognizes identities according to different human biological characteristics. Common ones are: fingerprint access control system (each person’s fingerprint pattern characteristics are different), palm reader access control system (each person’s palm has a different bone shape) iris access control system (each person’s retina is different through optical scanning) ) Portrait recognition access control system (each person's facial features and location are different), etc. The advantages of the biometric access control system are: no need to carry media such as cards, less chance of repetition, not easy to be copied, and high security. The disadvantage is: high cost. Since biometrics needs to compare many parameter characteristics, the comparison speed is slow, which is not conducive to occasions with too many people. The biological characteristics of the human body will change with the changes of the environment and time, so it is easy to produce rejection rate (it is clearly this person, but his biological characteristics have changed, and he is considered not himself), for example: fingerprints are different due to the season and dry humidity, the palm shape and portrait change due to age, and the iris changes due to eye diseases. Therefore, although the biometric access control system is advanced and safe, the scope of application is limited. It is only applied in a few fields such as a small number of people, high security requirements, and high cost, which is not the mainstream of the current access control system.

The access control system also has some derivative forms according to its application occasions and application objects. For example: parking lot management system for vehicle entry and exit management, subway access control system for subway bus fare, etc.