HBK-S130NO Electric strike lock


HBK-S130NO electric strike lock is mainly suitable for wooden doors, metal doors, PVC doors, etc. Using high-quality stainless steel, the surface is painted at high temperature, durable and beautiful. Adopting durable solenoid valve design with a service life of more than 500,000 times, meeting the needs of access control. The electric lock is locked or unlocked by the working principle of pushing or pulling the release lever generated by electromagnetic. In addition, the electric lock must be used with a mechanical lock (such as a spherical lock), and both electric and manual are used. The working mode of this electric lock is the power-off locking type, that is, the bolt cannot be opened when the power is not turned on, otherwise the power is turned on.

Product model HBK-S130NO
Working voltage DC12V
working current 240mA
Door opening method Power Off
Applicable Door Type Wood Door、Metal Door、PVC Door
Operating Environmen -10℃~+55℃, 0~95%(relative humidity)
Material stainless steel
Product size (L x W x H) 150x39.5x33.5(mm)
Net weight of product 0.35kg