WiFi Version Remote Control for Access Control System HBK-RWO1


The design is exquisite and beautiful, and the pairing method is simple. Up to 40 transmitters can be paired to meet the needs of different customers.Support 2.4 GHz WiFi remote control, more convenient to use. A large number of imported components are used with good stability. The remote control transmission distance in the open area can reach 50 meters, and the anti-interference ability is strong, which can effectively reject all kinds of interference caused by external clutter.

The design is novel, and compared with other receivers that use jumping to adjust the working mode, the working mode can be adjusted directly by dialing, and the operation is simple. A delay function of 0/5/10 seconds is set, and customers can adjust the delay time according to their own needs. Built-in protection diode, real-time protection relay, electric lock and buzzer, effectively improve the service life of the product.

Product model HBK-RW01
Working voltage 12VDC
Quiescent current 20mA
Working frequency 433.92MHz
Wireless standard 2.4GHz
Transmission distance Transmission distance: 50m(Open and barrier-free)
Working mode Jog, self-locking, interlocking
Delay setting 0/5/10s delay
Receiving sensitivity -109dBm
Working environment -30℃~+75℃
Shell material ABS