HBK-M280N surface mounted magnetic lock


HBK-M280N surface-mounted magnetic lock is suitable for general glass doors, wooden doors, fire doors, sliding doors, and metal doors. It is made of high-quality zinc alloy, which is strong and durable. With LED indicator, it can display the working status of the magnetic lock. The magnetic lock is designed by the principle of electromagnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction force to tightly attract the iron plate to lock the door. Inward opening doors, frameless glass doors and narrow frame doors need to be used with a magnetic lock bracket during installation.

Product model HBK-M280N
Working voltage DC12V(adjustable DC24V)
working current 12V/500mA(±10%) ; 24V/250mA(±10%)
Applicable Door Type Wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fire doors
Signal Output Lock status signal output NO/NC/COM Contact
Use Environment -20℃~+55℃,0~95%RH
Lock body size (L×W×T) 250x48.8x27.9(mm)
Suction plate size (LxW xH) 180x38.8x13.2(mm)
product weight 2kg